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Homeopathy is an alternative and holistic method of treatment that is based on the Nature’s Law of Cure called “Like Cures Like.” The term “Homeopathy” was first coined by Samuel Hanhnemann (1755-1843) from the Greek word homoio means similar and pathos mean suffering.
Homeopathy assists to the natural ability of the body to heal itself. The homeopathic approach consider personality type, emotional state, previous experiences, social and environmental factors while selecting a remedy for each person.
Homeopathic System of Treatment: A series of introductory lectures
Gurdip Singh Sandhu
DHMS, BAMS, MDEh. -India

Since life is created over earth, it is struggling for its survival. Various methods adopted by life for this purpose had been given different names by the concerned peoples of medical science at different times. Because of different approach towards human life, Every system of treatment had its own principle which differ from the others . Though medicinal substances used for preparing the medicines are same for every system of treatment provided by the nature. In other words sources of medicinal substances are same. Such as vegetable source, mineral source, sarcodes, nosodes, imponderabilia source and many other sources are invented by the scientists now a days. Difference is in the preparation of medicine i.e. process of utilization of medicinal power of a drug substance in a useful manner for human life.

Different names had been given to different manners (systems of treatments) because the principle of one system does not allow certain changes of preparing and prescribing medicines in a different way; may be looking like more suitable for certain disease conditions. Therefore to adopt the new suitable ways a new name was established and given to the new way of preparing and prescribing medicines. So on , Time to time different names were established and accepted for using the medicinal power of drug substances. Such as thousands year old AYURVEDIC SYSTEM OF TREATMENT believes in using crude forms in the shape of extracts or decoctions of drug substances for the cure of diseases. But some times it becomes difficult to use minerals and various poisons herbal extract in their crude forms. Principle changed and suggested grinding of substances with the addition of other helping substance capable to convert toxic substances to less toxic state and smaller dose adaptable to the human life. But it was a laborious and complicated method of preparation of medicine. The name UNANI SYSTEM OF TREATMENT was given to this changed trend in treatment. Accidents reported sometimes due to mal-preparation of medicine. Than ALLOPATHIC SYSTEM OF TREATMENT came in to existence, which believes in using active constituents of a medicinal substance. With which doses were made more minutes and more risk was involved in prescribing such medicines. Though this system is being adopted and patronized by the governments in most countries of the world. Due to the patronization of respective governments misdeed of this system are over looked and over ruled.

Evolution and demands are the mother of invention. In human life this spirit had never stopped and will never stop as long as the life is existing on this earth. The same trend is continuing in medical science and system of treatments.

Instead of hundreds of obstacle one follower of allopathic system of treatment (SAMUEL DR. HAHNEMANN of Germany) surrendered treating patients according to this system. Because of questions arising in his mind after every failure to cure. Such as

1. What is the safe principal of application of drugs?
2. What is the reason behind repetition of same disease again and again?
3. Whether there could be any other method of treatment, which can solve the above questions?
4. Whether there could be any other system of treatment less injurious, safe and painless which can cure human diseases once for ever.
5. What is a disease, we need to cure? Whether any part of this body or body as a whole or something more than this body fall sick which should be treated and cured.
6. Basically what health is and what is the meaning of cure?

He started finding answers of these questions, and started translating books of various medical authors from all over the world. Ultimately a line in chapter of quinine of Dr Cullen’s materia medica stuck him. That quinine can produce malaria like symptoms in a healthy person. Where as it was known to the world that quinine is used for treatment of malaria all over the world. He was astonished and was unable to believe this fact, On the other hand he was unable to disbelieve the world famous medical practitioner and author of experience based medical books. He started experimenting with quinine to verify the fact. The experiments revealed the truth. That though QUININE IS WIDELY USED FOR TREATMENT OF MALARIA IT CAN PRODUCE MALARIA LIKE SYMPTOMS IN A HEALTHY PERSON ALSO. Then he started thinking on these lines for every medicine being used for treatment of any disease and found that what ever medicine is being used for treatment of any disease, has the capacity of producing similar type of disease symptoms in healthy persons. A new principal was invented. DISEASE CURING POWER OF A MEDICINE IS HIS DISEASE PRODUCING POWER OR VISE VERSA.

So, HAHNEMANN started searching the disease producing power of every medicine he was using for treatment of various diseases by experimenting them on healthy human being, and recorded all symptoms produced during these experiments. Then he was verifying these symptoms of power of medicine on sick persons and proved the fact and established the principle behind using any medicine for any disease. Though the fact was invented much before Hahnemann but was not popularized before Hahnemann reinvented it, proved it by practical. This time it was recorded as a principle of prescribing medicines. Before this there was no such principal, if ever it was; it was not proven by logic and experiments. A vague logic was applied based on accidents of the passed; Such as a person took Mercury to kill himself when the pain become unbearable during the course of miserable disease called syphilis, and he was cured with fatal dose of toxic metal. Similar type of recorded accidents were the basis of prescribing medicine.

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