GBK ENTERPRISES INC. DBA HNM (HOMEOPATHIC NATURAL MEDICINES) ALTERNATIVE SYSTYEM FOR HEALTH TREATMENT DISCLOSURE Welcome to HNM consultancy. Employ of this fascility has consulting practitioner of Homeopathic Ayurvedic and Biochemic medicines IT IS THE GOD WHO CURES; WE DO NOT CLAIM WE JUST DO OUR DUTY HONESTLY PRINCIPALLY OUR HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT IS LICENSED BY THE ¡¨ BOARD OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES BIHAR¡¨ and ¡§COUNCIL OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE PUNJAB INDIA¡¨ BUT NOT LICENSED AS CERTIFIED PHYSICIAN BY THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AS A PRACTITIONER OF THE HEALING ARTS . MY METHOD OF TREATMENT IS COMPLEMENTARY TO HEALING ARTS THAT ARE LICENSED BY THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA UNDER SECTION 2053.5 AND 6 OF THE CALIFORNIA¡¥S BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE. Our consulting practitioner is not a certified physician as per ca state board law He is practicing homeopathy since 1973. His education and experiences are as under. I passed DHMS with honors and distinction from university of Bihar. Muzzaffarpur INDIA He passed BAMS from Varanasey University UP India He passed MD.Eh.from board of Electro-Homeopathic system of medicine Punjab India He has 25 years professional experience in India which includes his services as professor, principal, chief medical officer in homeopathic medical colleges and hospitals in India and as director cum registrar of board of electro homeopathic system of medicine Punjab. India. In USA he was a member of national center for homeopathy and the California homeopathic medical society since 1997. He is hosting health education program series on ¡§Radio Geet Sangeet¡¨ every week since 1996.He had been awarded honors by the society for this free service to the community. If you have any question regarding the treatment you can call us on office phone or in case of any dispute the juris diction will be Santa Clara county jurisdiction.

Returned policy; sealed medicines are returnable with in a month if seals are intact. Open medicines and individually designed single dose powdered pacts or liquids for individual patient are not returnable or refundable. Repatriation fee is not refundable after the Repatriation is done which is generally three days period from case taking .Repatriation fee is charged once from one Clint.

I recommend that you inform your regular doctor that you are taking homeopathic complementary medicines. So that he can monitor your health taking in view the effects of complimentary treatment.

THE THEORY BEHIND THE COMPLEMENTARY METHOD OF HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT: Homeopathic is not the name of particular medicine it is the name of principal, and the principal behind Homeopathic system of treatment is that every weaker dynamic affection is completely extinguished by the stronger one when both are similar in their nature and different in kind. There fore any medicine could be homeopathic medicine for a sick person if it possesses the quality to produce similar symptoms to that of the symptoms of sick person. Secondly, homeopathic system is based on the theory of vital force (Immaterial power governing the person mentally and physically in health and in disease) Health is believed to be the harmonious play of vital force and diseases are produced when this vital force comes under influence of any stronger influence where vital force is bound to work under this influence and produces altered symptoms to that of the healthy state of it. Because vital force it self is an influence it could only be influenced; helped or supported by influences. Therefore medicines in homeopathic system are prepared in this way so that internal properties of medicinal substances (their vital influence) could be used to influence and support the vital force safely and suitably when needed. This justify the way of minimum dose which has no limit of its minimum nature. Therefore to standardize this system a system of potency (diluting the power by mixing and succussioning) was developed by its founder Dr Hahnemann .At this time three slandered are prevalent in homeopathy. Decimal centesimal and fifty millesimal potencies. Homeopathy does not treat the diseases by their diagnostic names but consider the personality as a whole for treatment. Logic behind this idea is that there are two parts of human personality; mental (invisible) and physical. Controlling power of mental sphere is known as ¡§vital force¡¨ which ultimately controls the physical part of personality through Brain. Brain is the first visible part of personality. Through nerves Brain controls the whole body. In health every organ works harmoniously i.e. heart is pumping forcefully but we are UN aware of it, respiration is going on normally but we do not feel any discomfort. This normal phenomenon is carried out by the vital force free from any influence, But as soon as vital force comes under influence of any other vital influence (disease or medicine influence) it starts working according to the direction of that external vital influence; with this abnormal and stronger external vital influence normal and painless functioning of the vital force is effected which is known by the abnormal symptoms produced by the personality; known as ¡§disease¡¨ i.e. the total collection of all the perceptible abnormal symptoms from mental and physical personality of sick persons. Same way medicinal substances are heaving their influence on human personality which is known during their proving on healthy human beings. Individual character of a person helps to identify him from the other alike human beings; same way different medicinal substance have their individual characteristics different from all other substances of universe which is learned by their proving on healthy human beings in terms of symptoms . We match the total abnormal symptoms of a sick person with the symptoms of a medicinal substance which it has proved during proving on healthy human beings. These symptoms are recoded in materia medica and are verified on sick persons. These verified symptoms of medicines are symmetrically arraigned in repertory books. Many standard repertory books are available. We work mainly with top standard and oldest repertory book of ¡§KENT¡¨. This collecting of symptoms of sick person ¡§history taking¡¨ and interpreting the language of a sick person to the language of repertory ¡§preparation of rubrics¡¨ and matching it with medicinal symptoms to find out the most similar medicine for a sick person is known as repatriation .This repatriation is an exhausting and honestly time taking phenomenon. There are two ways of repatriation artistic and mathematic calculation. Former is done by taking only mental leading symptoms in to consideration or in absence of mental leading symptoms general (affecting the general physical personality) leading symptoms are taken in to consideration. Where as in mathematic repatriation total collection of abnormal symptoms are taken in to consideration. It is difficult to find out exactly similar medicine in all cases. Therefore we need to depend on a most similar medicine. For example we selected the similar medicine and give it in lower potency in first prescription the symptoms of the patient will subside for a short while and than again reappear in the previous manner after the power of lower potency is exhausted; which indicates to prescribe the higher potency .But in case if the potency of similar medicine is higher it will increase the disease symptoms a little bit in its primary action which will give us a clue to reduce or withdraw the potency as the case may be i.e. acute chronic or malignant .Or it happens in the secondary action of medicine automatically after a short while. If we are complimenting a malignant case we need continue suppressive medicinal support. If we are complimenting none malignant chronic disease; where causative factors of the disease are still continued which are maintaining the disease we can continue the support of medicine. If we are complimenting an acute case once we see increased diseased phenomenon in the primary effect of medicine (which usually occurs in case of higher potency of medicine) we will stop the medication and ultimately that primary phenomenon will subside in due course i.e. secondary action of medicine and also because of stronger response of vital force which always continue to combat the unwanted effects of diseases, dissimilar or similar medicines in their higher potencies. More over Homeopathic medicines are in smallest dose which do not produce reactions like other material medicines. Therefore their influence over vital force is short living. Homeopathic medicines are immaterial and not in quantity but only in quality i.e. in power which is transmitted to the sick person by some inert substance like lactose powder, sugar cane globules etc. etc. Inert substances have no harm full medicinal properties in their natural form there fore do not produce reactions like other material medicines and their influence over vital force is short living. Under stronger homeopathic (similar) medicinal influence than the natural disease vital force act more strongly to combated the natural disease and also medicinal power. No two diseases alike can exists in one personality at one time. Therefore the weaker similar natural disease is completely extinguished first of all. By the similar stronger Homeopathic medicinal influence. Then vital force has to act against the medicinal disease. Regulation of medicinal dose is in our hand therefore at suitable time withdrawal cures the medicinal disease itself during its secondary action; this action is faster due to the presence of active, strongly reacting vital force against external influences. In other words it is the vital force which cures the natural disease supported and stimulated by homeopathic similar medicine. Natural acute diseases are completely extinguished in this way especially if the causes of acute diseases are no more there In case of non malignant chronic cases if the causes are continued and are unavoidable at this time we need to support the vital force continuously with similar stronger homeopathic medicine. In case of malignant disease after the expiry of strong effect of similar or dissimilar medicine malignant diseases will again reappear. Under such circumstances we can continue to support the vital force with most similar stronger Homeopathic medicine. In case of non malignant chronic cases if the causes are continued and are unavoidable at this time we need to support the vital force continuously with similar stronger homeopathic medicine. In case of weaker dissimilar medicine stronger vital force will not allow the medicine to produce its symptoms. In case of stronger dissimilar medicine in its primary effect we see some new symptoms which are not related with the disease in its advance stage; these are accessory symptoms of the medicine which also subsides in the secondary action of that medicine which follows automatically after the expiry of its action supported by strongly active vital force. This whole process is harmless because of the immaterial nature of the medicines in every case.

Acknowledgement and Consent to Receive Complimentary Treatment: I have read and understand the above disclosure about the alternative system of health treatment and also qualification and experiences of Gurdip Singh Sandhu in this profession. I understand that Gurdip Singh Sandhu is licensed by the state board of homeopathic medicine Bihar India and The council of homeopathic system of medicine Punjab India; but not licensed by the state of California as a healing art practitioner. I understand that Alternative systems for health treatment such as Homeopathic are permitted in California under law. I understand that treatment provided by Gurdip Singh Sandhu is complimentary to healing arts which are licensed by the state of California. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain a relationship for my self/my child/ or relative with my doctor when receiving complimentary treatment. I consented to use the services and complimentary treatment provided by Gurdip Singh Sandhu. I agree to pay the fee for these services. And signed below with my full conscious and knowledge.