Our body trunk starts from base of neck to pelvic brim. Abdomen is a part of trunk and is a big cavity. Above it starts from base of thorax and below it ends at pelvic brimit contains various organs of our body such as liver, spleen, stomach, intestines, kidneys etc. Every organ has different type of abnormalities and named diseases of that organ and known by different names. Following are the main organs, which are effected by diseases:

Liver: a largest glandular organ is situated in abdomen under the dome of diaphragm mainly on right upper flank of abdomen but extends to right up to the spleen border. It has multiple functions in the body such as:
1. Reservoir of deoxygenated blood returning from intestines.
2. Production of bile to promote digestion,
3. Purify blood to transmit it to the heart,
4. Cholesterol controls in blood which is transported to heart from liver,
dysfunction of liver produces diseases like pain in the liver due to congestion in the liver due to blockage of vessels which receives or transport blood to or from liver, jaundice, is the primary symptom due to dysfunction of liver bile pigments or bile salts are not liberated in normal quantity or consistency.

Enlarged liver cirrhosis etc. All complaints are associated with jaundice as a primary symptom.
Gal stone formation due to concentrated bile in the gall bladder stones are formed when these stones remain in gall bladder do not produce any symptom unless in large quantity. Or sever pain is produced when stone is lodged in any duct of liver.

Liver diseases may be associated with storage of bacteria in malaria,fileria or intestinal amoebas which may produce fever and ulcers in the liver. ,

Abdomen pain has various reasons such as gastric, mesenteric, hepatic, spleeny, renal, urinary origin. Gastric origin is the major reason which covers more than 75% of cases of pain abdomen. Inflammation may be due to internal injury to the abdomen. Reason may constipation, diarrhea, dysentery colitis, or external injury to the abdomen associated with cramping pain and swelling. Or the reason may be associated any of the above said organ. Such as gastritis, when it is associated with stomach, colitis when it is associated with intestine and same way renal hepatic or spleen organs may become victim of any disease and represent as abdomen pain.

Medicines which helps major important functions and diseases of the organs in the abdomen are as under: