Male Sex Disorders

Male impotency: characterized by erectile dysfunction. For a family life normal sexuality is necessary. Though male erection starts in very early age which is not stimulated by sexual stimulating hormones. But a passive type of erection due to increased pressure in the abdomen and especially in the urinary bladder when it is full during sleep or with long time absence of urination. But after adolescence erection is not always due to this passive action. But it is because of hormonal stimulation. Hormonal sexual erection is maintained by two ways combined; mental and physical; sexual urge starts in the brain which releases the hormone. Such as with a thought of food slivery secretion starts in the mouth. Sexual urge starts by looking opposite sex figure or touching the genital parts which results in erection. This is normal phenomenon. But if after all stimuli the penile erection does not occur it is diagnosed as impotency or if ever erection comes for a short while and do not satisfied the sexual activity, early discharge of semen or no discharge this no erection is diagnosed as impotency with azoospermia together are the major cause of male sterility.

Orchitis/hydrocele: malarial or gonorrhea may be the cause of swelling other than direct injury to the testis. Swelling may or may not be associated with pain or vise versa. Large heavy descended testis may be due to descending hernia loops which always changeable in consistency. Edema, swelling when scrotum (spongy layer of the testis) is filled with water known as hydrocele.

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